Time to Move Your Online Biker Dating to Real Life

As you guys, the male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders looking for the right biker partner on free Harley dating sites should know about the online biker dating process: set an outstanding profile, start matching with single Harley riders and then start to build a conversation hoping to have an amazing date. And there raises the question: when will be the right time to meet the potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend in person? Let me share my four years of online local biker dating experience and tell the biker girls and biker guys about the timing to meet for the first time.

I used to let the biker women or biker men I met on online Harley dating website send me at least several messages back and forth before proposing to meet in person. However, things didn’t necessarily well after the online conversation for a while even though it felt pretty good while I was talking to the motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy. And it was then I started to come to a realization that a lot of motorcycle women and motorcycle men are very eloquent online than they really are in real life. Because Harley women and Harley man can be different when they take their time to write messages and when they are being spontaneous in person. They are either too shy or too socially awkward for me to feel the chemistry sparked in real life. Then I decided to change the strategy. And then, I’d start to notice that the Harley girls and Harley girls who wrote super-long messages were often the ones who are the most socially awkward when meeting in person.

Then I switched my timing to meet the right biker chicks or biker dudes that really suit me. In order to make sure the messages sent on online motorcycle dating websites were shorter, I would try to keep my messages short and content-rich. And after just a few messages that are sent back and forth, I would initiate asking to meet for drink or even a ride on Harley Davidson bike chasing the sunset. And some agreed while others didn’t, which was not surprising. The motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes who agreed to meet just a few messages tend to be more straightforward. With the man bikers and women bikers, we would agree that we either have a chemistry or not at all so we choose to be friends instead. Then I came to the conclusion that it is way better to meet sooner rather than later since the first date between Harley chicks and Harley dudes doesn’t drag out as they waste more time writing back and forth without creating a real connection. Let’s look at it this way: why would you invest time to become emotionally attached to a stranger you meet on online biker dating platform only through the messages if there is a chance that you would never click or create the fire when you meet in person?