Things Bikers May Not Think To Pack for The Motorcycle Traveling Date

Have a perfect motorcycle touring date

Although traveling by motorcycle may seem cheap, but don’t make your biker girl and yourself suffer. Since you both agree to have a date on motorcycle, then you’d better make it a perfect one. Here are things that you may not think of when packing for the trip, but can make your trip easier and happier.

Extra gallon of gas
It will come into play only when single bikers run out of gas while riding the back country roads where have no gas station. But when you do, you will find how thankful that you carry extra fuel on board with you. You’d better purchase a gas can that can perfectly fit in the saddlebag.
Mesh laundry bag
A traditional laundry bag traps air inside, which makes it bulky and difficult to pack more things in it. Unlike the traditional bag, a mesh laundry bag is filled with holes, making it easy to fit in any space in your luggage, saddlebag and so on. Besides, it will not hold onto odors.
Wet wipes
Wet wipes can play an important role in your motorcycle trip with your biker babe. With wet wipes, you can wipe down the TV remotes before using them in hotels, wipe hands after eating or repairing bikes, wipe your boots after riding and can be used as toilet paper on the road.
Packets of shampoo and body wash
After a whole day ride, it is great to have a bath with similar shampoo and body wash. So, motorcycle riders can prepare the packets of shampoo and body wash in their bags, which are much easier to travel with than bottled ones.
Extra camera batteries
Riding out, you may come across many amazing views along the way and you may want to use your camera to help you memorize them. But when you snap a lot of photos in a row, you may need 2 or 3 batteries a day. So, always keep at least 2 backup batteries in your pocket to keep yourself from regretting. And don’t forget to charge them all each night.
Durable plastic bags
Those small plastic shopping bags you get in supermarkets can be kept and carry around you when you are riding out for a long time. It folds small and easy to be carried. Riders can put them in the front pocket of the luggage bag, to make it easy to found. You can use them to tote munchies, t-shirts or anything that need to be placed separately.

5 Reasons to Go Camping With Motorcycle

Plan a motorcycle touring and camping with your biker match

You know, almost all single motorcycle riders are outdoor sports enthusiasts. On the weekend, they often plan to go outside with their motorcycles to enjoy biker-friendly camping. Going camping with motorcycle not only can make bikers close to the nature, but also can make them release their pressures, as well as feel the freedom in the open outdoor. In addition, here are other 5 reasons why you should go for a motorcycle camping.

1. Close to the quiet and tortuous roads
When you are used to riding your motorcycle along the flat city streets, you can ride your motorcycle out across the countryside sometimes. You will have a wonderful and special motorcycle riding trip, because there is no the hustle and bustle of the city so that you can express your pressure and show the passionate for motorcycles.

2. Enjoy the road food
Usually, motorcycle camping is not an individual activity, but a group party. If you go motorcycle camping with your biker match, you two can put your motorcycle parked by a lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery while barbecuing. Or sitting on a beach chair, a cup of coffee or tea, playing the soft music, and talking with your riding partner, which will be the best time in your life.

3. Camping
You will fall in love with this kind of feelings when you lie on the grass with an opened beverage, to feel the breeze and look around. Of course, if there is a riding friend with similar interests accompanying you in such a comfortable camping that would be a very good experience! If you don’t know how to start a comfortable camping, you can check online to learn from other motorcycle riders, or you can read the biker camping stories on the biker dating site that you ever joined.

4. Devote into the nature
Motorcycle camping is a good chance to close to the nature. A long distance motorcycle trip, you can visit different charming scenic spots, or if you are lucky enough, you may encounter the local folk activities. And no matter what kind of local folk activities you will meet with, you will find that will make you cheerful thanks to the little moments.

5. Watch the sunrise and sunset
In the evening, you can watch the sunset while riding you motorcycle, or you can watch the sunrise after waking up at once from the tent or hammock. And then, you can ride motorcycle with your partner who are interested in riding motorcycle in the first golden light of day. How wonderful it is!

After reading these reasons, do you want to go for a motorcycle camping with like-minded friends? If you are a single biker, you can look for a right match who rides motorcycle to accompany with you completing this kind of special journey, which will be the most unique memory of your life.