Motorcycle Camping

Biker couples have a nice motorcycle camping under the sunset.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, motorcycle riding touring and camping is their favorite, which can give them a chance to relax themselves and have a good appointment with their biker match, or give a good chance for biker singles to meet up with ideal people with motorcycles for love. In the motorcycle riding journey, you may inevitably encounter such a situation that stay in the wild and have to camp. As follows, we will introduce some of the methods and experiences in this field, so that you can go traveling with motorcycle no worries.

1. The choice of the camping ground
The camping ground is very important, in addition to considering the actual situation of yours, before setting up the tents, you should also consider the water and fuel that cannot far away from your tents, as well as consider how to avoid the wind and rain and the mosquitoes at first. Plus, you should also pay attention to avoid the avalanche, the rolling stones, the floods and landslides.

In the summer, the camping site should be selected in the dry and higher ground with good ventilate and fewer mosquitoes. Usually, the ideal camping sites are the mountaintops, ventilated ridge and lakesides. In the winter, when you are selecting the camping site, you should consider whether the site is close to the water, fuel and camp material, as well as can avoid the wind. In general, forests and bushes are the best sites for camp.

2. Set up the simple tent
The roof shaped tent is the most common makeshift tent, which is suitable for all kinds of terrain. In the winter, you should notice some little problems while setting up tent. For instance, a place where is less snow, you can sweep it. If the camping site where the snow is very thick, you needn’t to sweep the snow, but you should press the snow to make it smooth; if you will stay there for a few days, you should set up a snow wall in front of your tent, so that avoid the cold wind, and conveniently you make a fire.

3. Camping in the woods
Don’t sleep in the open air when you stay overnight in the forests. Because when you fall asleep, the blood circulation will become slow down, the skin also relaxes, and the immune system will become weaker. When the dew evaporates that will take away your heat, so that make you catch cold and feel joint pain. Forest camping, you can use the local materials to build a temporary shelter. First of all, choose two trees as the column, then tie a cross-bar in one meter away from the ground, next put lots of rods on the cross-bar to form the 45 degrees angle with the ground, at last, put the branches on the bracket. If you camping in the winter, you can make a fire in front of your shelter to warm.

If you think these 3 ways are useful, you can plan a wonderful motorcycle camping travel with your biker girl, which not only can promote your emotions, but also can leave a pretty memory. If you are still a single biker, you can look for a local people who rides motorcycle for riding partner to accompany you to go for a motorcycle camping travel. Online dating websites for biker single are good place to meet and date with like-minded friends. You can take a try.