How to Surprise Your Biker Partner

Surprising your biker man or biker women can be an efficient and useful way to rekindle the fire between the motorcycle women and motorcycle men. Because an unexpected little surprise can leave not only you but also your partner a strong and emotional memory which will never be forgotten. However, the staff on the most famous online biker dating sites have gotten a slew amount of requests questioning the best way to surprise their male Harley rider or female Harley rider. Here are some expert motorcycle dating tips which are adult themed you can follow to spice it up and show your motorcycle man or motorcycle women that you really care.

A hand written love letter.
In a age where smartphone and texts overrides every other way of communication tool, handwritten letter is basically lost in track these days. Let along a love poem which requires much more dedication to come up with. Instead of sending your Harley man or Harley women a simple heart emoji, a love letter can definitely spark a lot more fire between a motorcycle couple when you are in a Harley dating. In the handwritten love letter, feel free to express your true self and you dedicated work will be appreciate in the end.

A homemade cake.
Every biker guy will take his beloved biker girls out for a ride on a giant Harley Davidson bike to let her know that he cares. But what about a cute and yummy cupcake? As someone who lives a Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, it can be such a sweet surprise to bake your biker babes a handmade cupcake. The thought of the motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude who is used to explore the most dangerous spot on a motorcycle going into the kitchen baking something as cute as cupcake will make his or her heart melt in no time.

A romantic getaway.
It has always just been a thought of forget about everything is going on in your stressful life now and book the latest flight ticket for a romantic getaway. Even though few people have the courage to put action into work, none of us can deny that there is nothing is more romantic than an unexpected romantic getaway. No matter it is the infamous slam in Mumbai in India or the renowned capital city of romance Paris, what counts is your effort to revive the connection with your biker chicks or biker dude.

Go out of your comfort zone.
If you still have no idea what to do to surprise your biker lady or biker gentlemen, come up with something that you have never done! The last thing we want it to happen is seeing our relationship stuck somewhere and makes no progress. To avoid that from happening, both of you need to go out of your comfort zone! Never done making out in a public bathroom? Maybe it is time to be reckless! Never backpacked on a tight budget with your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman? Book the cheapest ticket now!