How to keep romance alive while living together?

First, allow me to congratulate you on having gone for a long way after the very first Harley motorcycle date or motorcycle camping. It is truly hard to look for a like minded Harley motorcycle rider who you can tolerate for more than a date or motorcycle travel, and also a potential Harley rider who pushes you to take the relationship to a higher level by moving in together. However, a brand new phase of the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle does not only means endless opportunities, but also practical challenges and difficulties which start to get in the way.

While date nights used to be your daily routine, whether it’s the cliche fancy restaurant then a comedy movie with fresh popcorn, or the adventure featured date on a Harley Davidsno bike that every Harley motorcycle enthusiast is passionate about, now spending almost every single moment together will be your norm. Which does not only means that sharing the bill and doing housework will be the joint responsibility of both male Harley rider and female Harley rider, but also a meaningful step by sharing the same address and keeping romance alive.

Even though long term Harley motorcycle relationship is not going to be featured by rose and sun as it is during the initial biker dating stage, there are a few essential motorcycle dating rules to keep in mind to keep the romance and mystery going.

1. Always show your affection to your Harley motorcycle lover.
When you get too comfortable with your Harley men or Harley women, it is also when you get yourself exposed the most in vulnerabilities. Which is considered as a double edged sword since you can be fully yourself but at the same time, the relationship might go state easily once you feel there is nothing more to improve in your relationship. Thus prioritizing your romantic relationship with your special Harley motorcycle rider and show him/her that hat you have together is what matters to you.

2. Make intentional efforts to keep romance alive.
Before moving in together, you only have the perfect version of your women Harley rider or men Harley rider, whose little annoying habits such as always leaving a mess is yet to be discover. Therefore, once you have made up your mind to share a bed instead of merely some random nights together, be prepared to make compromises and make intentional efforts into your Harley motorcycle date routine. Even though it is quite easy to be caught up in tiny little chores such as mow the lawn, do dishes and pay the electricity, which can possibly lead to a fight or even be the source of a break up, always make an effort first.

3. Introduce new elements into your long-term relationship.
For every Harley motorcycle couple, keeping the feeling fresh and exciting plays a key role in maintaining a successful relationship for numerous bikers. For example, try on new adult type sex game to challenge the sensation with your Harley motorcycle partner, finish a painting together, or just ride on your giant bike to chase the sunset. You can also invite some single Harley riders in your city on the Harley dating site.