Camping & Touring Tips

Invite a group of your biker friends to ride out for a motorcycle touring or camping.

This article is the second part of “Practical Tips To Have A Nice Time During A Motorcycle Touring”. Click here to check the part 1 to see more tips for bikers who are dating have an enjoyable motorcycle camping dating.

4. How to keep food cold while camping
When temperature surpasses 40 degrees Fahrenheit, food like raw meat, eggs, milk and some precooked foods will begin to spoil, which will be a disaster to bikers when camping. So, keeping perishable foods cool is important on a motorcycle touring dating. First, bikers need to buy or make ice packs before leaving. Fill in a container about two-thirds to three-quarters full of water and freeze. And cool foods before leaving. Put sodas, jelly and other items that will end up in your cooler in the refrigerator overnight. And motorcycle riders have to freeze foods that can be frozen at home. Distribute the ice packs and frozen foods evenly as much as possible when packing a cooler. Remember to place heavy items on the bottom of the cooler and tighten it on your motorcycle.

5. How to treat and avoid poison ivy
Summer may be a popular time for poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac outbreaks. Touching with these plants can make a red itchy rash or blisters and hives. If biker men or biker women who are in camping dating come into touch with poison ivy, wash your skin as soon as possible with cold, running water. And be hurry to prevent the oil from absorbing into the skin. And after that, bikers should wash their clothing and other items with hot water. It is also useful to get some information about those nasty plants on the internet to avoid contact with them.

6. How to protect your toilet paper
Toilet paper is a must for motorcycle riders to date outside on a motorcycle camping. A super easy hack that made of a coffee can or other box items can keep biker’s toilet paper from being brushed. And this way can also protect the toilet paper from getting wet if it is accidentally dropped into water or if it starts raining. Just pop the toilet paper in the can and cut a slit in one side to run the paper out of.

All in all, a successful motorcycle camping dating lies in two bikers who are in love. Biker couples have to know that they should stay positive when things are not going well. However, the advanced preparation will always pay dividends. Everything will get easier after the first motorcycle dating for bikers.